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What is Middle Face Lifting?

The Middle Face Lift, also known as the lower blepharoplasty, zeroes in on the cheek and under-eye areas. Unlike a full facelift, this specialised procedure focuses on lifting the triangular area between your nose, the corners of your mouth, and your ears, restoring lost volume and reducing the appearance of deep lines and sagging.

Why Choose Middle Face Lifting?

  • Focused Results: The Middle Face Lift specifically targets the mid-facial region, making it particularly effective for correcting issues like cheek sagging or deep laugh lines around the mouth and nose.
  • Natural-Looking Enhancement: This procedure aims to restore, not alter, your natural beauty. Lifting and repositioning the existing muscles and tissues results in a more youthful yet genuine appearance.
  • Less Invasive: The Middle Face Lift is generally less invasive than a full facelift, leading to quicker recovery times. The incisions are also strategically placed to minimise visible scarring.

The Middle Face Lifting Procedure

  1. Initial Consultation: During this preliminary stage, the surgeon thoroughly assesses your facial structure and skin condition. The goal is to pinpoint the specific areas in the middle section of your face that require attention. Patient and surgeon together define the desired outcomes and formulate a personalised surgical plan.
  2. Priming Facial Area: Prior to the procedure, you may undergo some preoperative tests and perhaps even a skin-tightening treatment to prime the facial area for surgery. Additionally, certain medications or supplements are adjusted to prepare for the procedure.
  3. Sedation: The procedure usually requires local anaesthesia with sedation rather than general anaesthesia, making for a quicker recovery and less overall stress on the body.
  4. Confined Incisions: Unlike a full facelift, the incisions for a Middle Face Lift are more confined. They are strategically placed along the hairline or within the mouth, making them less conspicuous post-recovery.
  5. Subperiosteal Lifting: Beyond just tightening skin, your surgeon will employ advanced techniques like subperiosteal lifting to elevate the tissues and muscles. This creates a more enduring and natural result, addressing the symptoms and the root causes of mid-face sagging.
  6. Added Procedures: If the hollow appearance under the eyes is a concern, fat grafting or filler injections can be added to this step for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Ready to Revive the Beauty of Your Midface?

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