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Through Devotion Health, reserve your bookings with reputable hospitals and clinics that specialise in Tummy Tuck & BBL (Liposucitonal dahil) treatment.

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What is Tummy Tuck & BBL with Liposuction?

This multifaceted procedure combines abdominoplasty, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), and liposuction, targeting the abdomen, flanks, and posterior to achieve a harmonised body profile. It serves as a one-stop solution for those seeking comprehensive body contouring.

Why Opt for This Comprehensive Approach?

  • Holistic Enhancement: Addresses multiple areas in one surgical session, reducing the need for separate procedures.
  • Optimised Recovery: Undergoing multiple procedures simultaneously may lead to a single, more manageable recovery period.
  • Balanced Proportions: Achieves a uniform transformation across the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.

The Procedure Explained:

  1. Initial Consultation: Detailed discussions and examinations are conducted to establish a surgical plan tailored to your body and goals.
  2. Anaesthetic Administration: General anaesthesia is typically employed to ensure optimal comfort throughout the multi-stage procedure.
  3. Abdominoplasty: Excess skin and fat are removed from the abdominal area, and muscles may be tightened for a flatter stomach.
  4. Liposuction: Fat is harvested from suitable areas, often the abdomen and flanks, through specialised cannulas.
  5. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): The harvested fat is purified and injected into the buttocks to enhance their volume and shape.
  6. Pain Alleviation: Prescription medications are administered to control postoperative discomfort.
  7. Mobility Guidelines: Limited movement is encouraged shortly after surgery to promote healing and blood circulation.

Ready to Experience the Trinity of Transformation?

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